I have signed up my daughter to Math Matters with the intention to improve her interactive and verbal ability in the classroom setting. She started during summer 2020 as a stiff image and hardly speaking girl even 1 on 1 with a tutor. The tutors we met at Math Matters are very friendly and patient. Their loving and encouraging personalities made her comfortable and helped her opened up and made a lot of progress, and gave her a lot of confidence in her verbal as well as math capabilities. She showed her enthusiasm in joining Math Matters and expressed her wishes to be a tutor later and wanted to become a loving and positive person just as the tutors in Math Matters. I am really excited about her progress and especially happy to see the positive influences on her in Math Matters.

We would like to thank all the tutors who have worked with my daughter. It's you that made her learning in Math Matters so enjoyable and fruitful. And I would also like to show our appreciation to the founders of this program. As a parent, I see that your effort in running this program not only helped and supported the students and the tutors with their learning but also with the influence of power on developing them into better persons.

--- L.C.'s mom

"Thank you for volunteering your time to help out so many kids. I'm so appreciative that my daughter is receiving an entire hour of one on one tutoring each week. I also want to thank the tutor for all of his patience with her. She said he has been really nice and helpful. She needed help with multiplication and long division and now she's working on fractions and decimals. She will be well prepared and ready for 5th grade by the end of summer." --- S.P.'s mom

"Math matter has greatly helped me to improve my math skills. " L.L., Student

"I'm so proud that you guys is offering this service during the shutdown and that you'll continue to offer it through the summer. This has been a great tool for keeping my son on schedule and he has learned so much. Not only is he getting better on his math skills, but he's also getting better with communication skills. I can't tell you guys enough how much I appreciate your service. The tutors have been kind, knowledgeable, patient and fun. They were always on time for sessions and were willing to keep going over a concept until my son understood it. We used the service often when it was on ground at Foothill Ranch Library, but now that it's offered daily online, we attend almost every single session. it's been invaluable to keep my son on track with his learning! Please keep up the excellent work! " --- A.Y.'s mom

"So grateful for your assistance. I also want to share that during this time the 1:1 attention you are giving a child is priceless!" --- School Principal

"You’ve helped my son learn far beyond the math skills he learned in the classroom. I feel like my son will be extremely well prepared for next year." --- K.C.'s mom

"You guys did a great job! my daughter who hated math before, after receiving your tutoring service, said she started to like it :) " --- M.H.'s mom

"Well organized organization and extremely helpful tutors. Thank you for your help!" -- M.L.'s dad

"Helped my two daughters understand math concepts that they struggled with in class and in their homework. My daughter stated that the way they speak and communicate is so clear and at the right speed that she can understand every word they are saying. These sessions have been a life saver for my wife and I. Professional tutoring is so expensive that we can't afford it. The fact that we can utilize one hour per week has been such a help. The tutors are so good with my kids and are so great. I cannot thank them enough. They really helped my children tremendously this year." --- E.M.'s dad

"Thank you for creating this program, my daughter really enjoys it and it gives her confidence in math!" --- D.S.'s mom

"The tutors speak to my son with respect and kind words. They are well-organized and find/create math problems at his level that challenge him. They have also been accommodating to work individually with my son where it is more quiet in the room, as he is hard-of-hearing. Thank you for modeling perseverance and dedication in a cheerful environment to my son. He is now scoring mostly 100% in math." --- C.N.'s mom

"Thank you all for bringing such a successful program to our library! The students in our community are positively impacted by your excellent work. We do hope to have you back in the fall if it will work with your schedule. Thank you for your hard work and commitment to helping others succeed!" --- Librarian

"I just want to thank you all for rallying everything and everyone and giving us access to such great resource. Before the session, my son was counting his fingers when doing math; after the session, he no longer count his fingers and can do math in his brain instead, and he kept asking us to give him math questions tonight! " --- M.L.'s mom

"All of the tutors are very professional and give the students the attention they need in order to succeed. They are also very patient, which is a big plus." --- Librarian

"Helped my daughter work through her homework. Please continue to offer; this is a great program." --- A.L.'s mom

"From what my son has told me, he feels that his homework was better explained by the tutor here at this program." --- L.J.'s mom

"We so appreciate all of the tutors and their parents for the time they give to make this such a wonderful program to our community! " --- T.M.'s mom

"I am very impressed with the program! One-on-one tutoring helps students build confidence and understanding, create a positive math experience" --- Librarian

"Tutors have worked well with my son. Continued to practice key math problems that he needs support with. My son likes coming weekly and he tells me the tutors are kind. Everything is great. Thanks for arranging and providing this to the community!" --- I.C.'s Mom

"Thank you for taking the time to work in the community and provide free tutoring! You have given the students a wonderful atmosphere to learn." --- J.E.'s dad

"My daughter struggles with math. She needs a lot of extra help. She is very visual. She interprets concepts in different ways, so anyone who helps her needs a lot of patience and creativity. She got one-on-one help from a volunteer and she loves the help. Thank you! I love this service." --- M.H.'s Mom