How many times have you heard a student say: "Math is so boring"? Maybe you even said it yourself. Our mission is to combat this mentality by giving students explanations that actually make sense and promote higher-level thinking. We believe that math is not about just memorizing formulas, but much more about looking for patterns and trying new approaches.

Math skills taught in early childhood are designed to provide a solid foundation children need to succeed throughout elementary school and beyond. It opens the door to science, technology, engineering, math, business, and many other careers in adulthood. However, small obstacles encountered in young learners could affect their self-confidence and attenuate their interests. Because of that, we sometimes hear elementary school students saying that they would never consider pursuing the math subject themselves because they are just not a math person, or they never really liked math, or math is so boring. The lack of enthusiasm for math-related fields in the earlier years of a child's education is very unfortunate.

When a student comes to our program, we make sure that he/she not only understands the material, but is also motivated to think about how we would use this in everyday life. We help students with math homework or provide additional challenging material for advanced learners. Part of math is learning how to solve problems using logic and reasoning; therefore, providing them with opportunities to practice their reasoning skills and strategies will help them develop invaluable life skills.

Of course, it's not just about the practicality of math. At our program, we also like to do math for the sake of having fun. Solving puzzles and challenging yourself are some of the most enjoyable things you can do. We would like to help kids view math not as a chore, but a hobby.