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The online zoom meeting begins as a group to meet everyone in the main room.

Each student will then be paired with a tutor and study in a separated quiet breakout room within the zoom meeting.

Zoom allows students and tutors to meet as a big group which makes learning more fun, and allows more flexibility in the pairing of students and tutors. Students and tutors can interact with different peers and find their fit in terms of teaching style and schedule. The use of breakout rooms allows us to continue the 1-1 tutoring privately without interruption from others. Each meeting host can pair up tutors and students into separate rooms and can switch them between rooms at any time if needed.

During the spring/summer online sessions, many students/parents shared their feedback and testimonies on how our personalized tutoring sessions have helped students to learn. Some students said they didn't like math before but started to like it after joining our program. Some parents said they feel their kids have filled the learning gap caused by distance learning and are well prepared for the next school year. Our ultimate goal is to inspire kids to learn and love math, and it's great to see it actually happening.

All of our tutors are incredibly dedicated to the program and some of them come multiple days a week. As a team, we have always tried to find effective ways to help our students through hosting teaching seminars and leadership trainings, providing homework worksheets, and developing progress trackers for each student.

At the end of our summer sessions, many parents asked if the program will continue into the fall. We wanted to assure you that we will be continuing the program throughout the 2020-2021 school year. One-hour tutoring sessions will be provided from Monday to Sunday as a way for students to keep up academic learning and social connection with peers. (Yes, we are adding two more sessions during the weekend after seeing the high demand from our students).

More information about 2020-2021 online sessions can be found here.

The online spring sessions were a great success with committed tutors and students, and some engaged students coming daily to receive one-hour math tutoring. When our online spring session is coming to the end, we still see new students joining.

Seeing the demand for more academic help, and the fact that most of the students and tutors will be staying home when summer plans have been cancelled, we have decided to continue to run the online free math tutoring sessions from the week of June 15, 2020 to the week of August 15, 2020. More information about 2020 summer online sessions can be found here.

We know this is a stressful time for students, families, and educators during the spring of 2020 since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. While schools are closed and students are taking online classes, we've been continuing to support our students by offering free online math tutoring through Zoom. One-hour tutoring sessions are provided from Monday to Friday as a way for students to keep up academic learning and social connection with peers.

More information about 2020 spring online sessions can be found here.