About Our Team 

Angel Wu

Hi everyone! I’m Angel, and I’ve always loved math! Its inherent precision and logic has always given me comfort, even back when I was in elementary school. I remember the first time I solved an AMC math problem and getting my first taste of breaking down a complex word problem into small, manageable steps that would guide me to a solution. It was a euphoric light bulb moment that I will never forget. I’ve fallen in love with the process of solving math problems: there is an art and imagination to logic, even if most see math as a robust, number-driven subject. I will be studying AP Calculus this coming year in school, and I hope to further improve my math by continuing in AMC and AIME math competitions. When I’m not diving deep into math and also chemistry, I enjoy freelance-translating novels and webtoons, hitting long drives on the golf course, and expressing myself on the piano. I really look forward to teaching math to younger kids because I want to help turn a subject that kids often see as difficult into one that they can find as fun and engaging.